Chinese Karaoke Choir

We meet with a group of foreign-exchange Chinese students every week and a few other friends. To keep the conversations interesting, we asked them to print out some of their favorite English songs, so that we could study the lyrics. Our friends took it a little farther than that. What started as a simple English exercise turned into a full-on karaoke choir.

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August, Muay Thai Master

Thailand is famous for its martial artform, Muay Thai. Muay Thai is not just a new way to beat someone up, but, like baseball or football for Americans, carries the prestige of Thai culture within it. I have been working out with a few guys and taking lessons at a nearby gym. August, seeing his daddy practice, has picked up a move or two.

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March 24, 2014 · 11:53 am

August Swimming Practice

We haven’t posted too many August updates recently and our family back in the US has been clamoring for them. So, here you go, everyone, a little video of the happiest toddler on earth taking a dip in the pool with his supermommy.


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August and the Superbidet

We went to Laos, where their bidets are used for dispersing riotous crowds. We came back with visas for another year in Thailand, and callouses on places you should not have callouses.

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March 21, 2014 · 5:40 am

Singha Park Day

This is a video of a happy memory in a year full of happy memories. We gathered a few of the young leaders we meet with every week and took them and August out to a nearby park where they have zebras, giraffes, and plenty of space to run. We simply hope this video puts a smile on your face today.

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March 17, 2014 · 12:01 pm

Survey on Improving Non-profit Communications

Hello everyone,

We’re working on the rebranding of Emerge Missions, a sending organization that develops next generation church leaders in Asia. While doing this, I started wondering about how most non-profit communication strategies are structured. I drew up a survey to gather information on how people would like to be talked to by non-profits. If you’ve got 3 minutes, would you mind going through the 3 question survey below and answering based on your first impression? Your answers will really help us craft better communications and I’ll share the results as well for all of you who may be involved in non-profit works yourselves. Thanks!

 Take the survey here!

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2013 Recap Video

It was a wild year for us. Our infant turned one with all the milestones that go with that age and more. We travelled over 17,000 miles by plane and 3000 by car in the span of four months. Our work here in Thailand saw an upset, but we made the most of the opportunity and we expanded from work at one campus to work at two, with an international reach. In all of this, we packed in some wonderful time with family and a few crazy adventures…oh, and we got pregnant again! Here are two versions of our recap video. The first is the short version. It’s 4 minutes and features the song Lonesome Dreams by Lord Huron. The long version is 7 minutes and features the songs Safe and Sound by Capital Cities and Bloom by the Paper Kites. All three songs come from excellent albums and I highly recommend buying them if you like the music.

Short Version (4 min):

Long Version (7 min):

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